Travel startup Tripscout is giving customers major discounts with just a DM



In a world where it’s more uncommon not to have social media than the opposite, it only makes sense for brands to utilize and promote their content on these services. If you spend time on Instagram, you’re already familiar with the countless ads that pop up and pressure you to purchase things directly on the app. Now, you can get your pre-trip travel needs on the social platform and book your hotel there, too.



Social media travel startup Tripscout just launched a booking platform through the app under the user name @hotel. Through this new platform, customers are privy to hotel rooms for prices anywhere from 25 percent to 75 percent less than buyers would find on traditional booking sites.
How can you do it? Entirely through DMs.
Head to the @hotel Instagram account, and send them a message with the word “hotel” for personal deals.
The company acquires these exclusive deals because of the nature of the account—the privacy of Instagram DM’s allows them to bypass “price parity agreements” that other booking services are bound by. The brand’s organic audience, as well, will enable them to focus more on savings rather than marketing and promotions.

Right now, the brand can offer private rates to thousands of hotels worldwide, primarily focusing on some of the most popular destinations for travelers—big cities like New York City and London and major vacation destinations like Mexico.



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